Flowz – a fantastically useful tool (September 2017)

Kaleidoscope Consultants are delighted that their first partnership project has gone live in the shape of Flowz – information asset manager software (kaleidoscopeconsultants.com/information-asset-manager)

Kaleidoscope have partnered with long-standing friends at Apira (health sector IT specialists) to develop a really useful tool for Information Governance (IG) Managers in all settings. The Flowz software is designed to allow almost total customisation, and is configurable to any organisational context.

Kaleidoscope Consultants – being just a little bit geeky about IG – originally set out to buy software to allow us to easily undertake data flow mapping, and to triangulate exchanges of data between data assets at rest. This is the model of ISO27005, the international standard for Information Risk Management. We searched all English-speaking countries, but couldn’t find anything that met our needs. So we approached Apira, who have their own development team, to design the world’s greatest information asset management software.

This was partially achieved in Information Asset Manager. But when we saw what was required in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) article 30 requirement for Records of Processing, Kaleidoscope and Apira decided to take what we had, and everything we’d learnt, and completely redesign the system. This is Flowz (www.flowz.co.uk).

We launched the Flowz website at the beginning of July 2017, and officially launched the software on 18 July. Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the demand for the system. But we are not resting on our laurels – we have big plans for new functionality and improvements to the back-end to make it slicker and faster.

We have a big functional update release at the end of September 2017 and are working hard on new modules for Data Protection Impact Assessments, and managing Subject Access and Freedom of Information Act requests. These will be released over the next eight months running up to GDPR which takes effect on 25 May 2018.

Flowz really is a fantastically useful tool, and easy to use – even we do say so ourselves.

Have a look here: www.flowz.co.uk

David Stone (September 2017)