We are selective about the candidates we register. We want subject matter experts with a track record of delivery. Or excellent candidates with complementary skills who might make up a team delivering a work package.


Working through Kaleidoscope comes with some additional benefits. For the candidates we place we offer ongoing support, favourable rates at training, an on-line support community which includes input by experienced consultants, a unique collaborative document library and access to banks of exemplar materials.


We work for both clients and candidates and will make a commitment to you that we will treat you as an individual. During a full and detailed registration, we will gather from you your expectations and aspirations and try and meet these with the job options we present to you.


We will not put you forward for a role without your consent and we will make sure you go to any interview with all the information we have on the role, including any health and safety information we have gathered from the client. You will have approved any version of your CV we have presented to the client (we do not change the content without discussion – but will remove personal information).


Working through a Limited Company [Terms of business]


If a client is content with the arrangement, we are happy to work with you through a legitimate limited company. We will carry out some checks on your company including checking Companies House and asking you to supply copies of insurance documents. We can only pay you by way of a business account and will not pay fees into a personal bank account. You must be clear that you are entirely responsible for the payment of your own tax and NI. You will only be paid for days and part days worked and do not get paid for annual leave or bank holidays.


PAYE worker [Terms of business]


If you prefer, we can engage you as a PAYE worker and will give you an worker contract which is only valid for the specific placement and does not entitle you to employment beyond that time. You will be paid on a pro-rated salary and will have paid holiday based on the UK statutory minimum of 28 days (including bank holidays). Kaleidoscope will deduct your tax and NI at source.


Registration process


If you want to register with Kaleidoscope then please submit your CV to us at [TBA what email address]. An experienced consultant will decide if you will be a good fit with the work we do and if we do wish to explore working with you we will:

  • Send you a basic registration form
  • Arrange for you to take an IG test
  • Organise to meet with you to discuss your professional background. At the same meeting, or separately if more convenient we will take you through a more detailed set of registration forms and verify documents needed for security checks. If we cannot do this face to face we will use Skype for Business (or similar) and will ask you to have your documents verified at the Post Office.