We work collaboratively with other consultancies in a variety of ways, typically the form depends on the risk vs gain share split. In the past, we have jointly tendered for large projects as a part of a consortium, and acted as associate consultants to generalist practices. Sometimes this is an open relationship with the end client, and sometimes we are presented under a common identity.

We have also acted with law firms, providing practical applications for legal principles, and specialist knowledge of NHS policy, which does not always align with the law, or practice across other parts of the public sector.

Kaleidoscope is not regulated law firm, although almost everybody has a law degree of some sort. We have worked on projects where we have brought in a law firm to lead on a project so that the client can rely on the advice in law.

Where we work with software developers, we occasionally provide our services in return for an equity stake – see our Flowz page [click here]