Freeze – GDPR is coming! (October 2017)

I am a big fan of change – one of my favourite change models is Kurt Lewin’s three-stage model: Unfreeze Change Refreeze Lewin theorised that people become embedded in a behavioural pattern, and that to get them to change, you have to first break that pattern (unfreeze), get them to adopt the desired behavioural pattern

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Our lightbulb moment (October 2017)

There is a lot of absolute rubbish being published about the demands of the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact on both the public and private sector. I am going to try not to add to this. What does seem to be the case though is that the chickens of historically poor

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Flowz – a fantastically useful tool (September 2017)

Kaleidoscope Consultants are delighted that their first partnership project has gone live in the shape of Flowz – information asset manager software ( Kaleidoscope have partnered with long-standing friends at Apira (health sector IT specialists) to develop a really useful tool for Information Governance (IG) Managers in all settings. The Flowz software is designed to

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