Kaleidoscope provides support to help navigate the complexities of data linkage in the public sector. Understanding the relationship between privacy and confidentiality is fundamental to this process, and we can provide practical advice to ensure that data linkage meets all legislative and policy requirements.

Public bodies hold vast amounts of data, these are generally underused assets of these organisations. In order to realise the value of these assets, it is often the case that data collected to meet statutory functions needs to be linked. It isn’t always the case that there is a legal gateway for this data to be linked. Kaleidoscope has worked with many public bodies to map out the legislative gateways that enable or prevent lawful data linkage.

Areas in which we have explored UK legislation include:

  • Population Health Management
  • Social determinants of health, social care and housing needs
  • Fraud and fraud prevention
  • Troubled families
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults