The European Commission adopted its adequacy decision for the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework on 10 July 2023. This decision means that the United States ensures an adequate level of protection, comparable to the European Union, for transfers of personal data to safely flow from the EU to the US for businesses that are registered and certified under the new EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework. Under this new EU-US Data Privacy Framework, businesses that are certified do not have to put in place additional data protection safeguards, including adopting EU Standard Contractual Clauses and completing Transfer Risk Assessments.

Kaleidoscope are working with our clients to self-certify to the Framework and provide practical support to ensure that the business can meet the requirements of the self-certification.

Speak to one of our expert consultants to help guide you through this process.

Read our short blog on the DPF including the history of U.S. adequacy, the principles and the eight steps to self-certify. Available here.