A Caldicott Guardian is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of people’s health and care information. The Caldicott Guardian acts as the conscience of the organisation and ensures that a person’s confidential information is processed ethically and lawfully in all the organisation products, services, and processes. The Caldicott Guardian advises the board on all matters of confidentiality and ethics.

Guidance from the National Data Guardian recommends that this role is undertaken by a registered healthcare professional ‘It is preferable for a Caldicott Guardian to be a health or social care professional who has experience and knowledge of working with patients or service users and managing the complexities of frontline care. For example, this will often be a regulated or registered professional such as a doctor, social worker, or nurse.’ Kaleidoscope has a team of registered and practising NHS clinicians to deliver this role for your organisation.

Kaleidoscope have delivered bespoke Caldicott Guardian training to a range of NHS and non-NHS health organisations. Kaleidoscope delivers the Caldicott Guardian function to small-medium providers and companies entering the UK health market. This service includes:

  • Providing a registered NHS clinician fulfil the role of Caldicott Guardian
  • Carry out the Caldicott Guardian duties and responsibilities
  • Advising the board and senior management on the ethical and lawful processing of confidential information
  • Review products, services and processes to ensure processing does not have a detrimental impact to the patients, relatives, public, employees and contractors