We know that using the term ‘Middle East’ to describe such a varied region of the world is an oversimplification. The work we have done there has shown us what a vibrant and exciting health sector is there.

As many Middle Eastern companies do business in Europe and handle European data, as well as needing to comply with HIPAA. This means that they must now comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other national data legislation, and the US compliance regime.

Existing data privacy legislation in the Middle East is varied across the region and is not as stringent as the EU’s GDPR. Notable exceptions are Qatar’s Data Privacy and Protection Law (2016) which is more in line with GDPR.

Kaleidoscope has worked with numerous organisations to prepare them for compliance with GDPR, using tools, processes and methodologies enabling a smooth transition to the new regime.  We have a team of data privacy consultants who are experts at understanding the legal requirements for data privacy in a practical setting.

Recent clients:

  • Sidra, Doha, Qatar
  • Health.io, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Cerner Consulting, Dubai, UAE