Processing personal data depends on having created suitable conditions for that processing to take place transparently, fairly and lawfully and to having the organisational processes, procedures and technologies to ensure the article 5 principles of the General Data Protection Regulation and Common Law Duty of Confidentiality can be satisfied. Understanding how to create an environment that will enable the future use of data for a range of purposes is key to developing a strategy.

We work with individual organisations, regions and national policy makers to help create the environment in which personal data can be shared and processed transparently, fairly and lawfully.

Past projects across the team include:

·         Guidance for NHS England

·         Training for the Department of Health

·         Projects for NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England

·         Supporting Commissioning Support Units and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Our clients include all types of health and care settings including local authorities, public health, mental health, acute and community services, GPs, dentists and community pharmacies, as well as software houses and other NHS services.

We have clients in the USA, UAE, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and UK.