Send us your requirements

We would be delighted to talk through your specific requirements and discuss options around consultancy, interim placements and work packages all of which have different benefits for how you manage and deliver your objectives. Kaleidoscope are flexible about how we provide services to you and so can help you navigate your internal procurement requirements. Send your initial query to we will be in touch to take a full brief and book a conversation with you.

Candidates screened by IG consultant

All of our candidates are interviewed by an information governance specialist. Where requested, they can also be tested on their ability to apply their IG knowledge to your specific need (ie applying the theory to your organisational requirements). We do not recommend people unless we believe they have the level of specialist skills, knowledge and experience to meet your need – as well as the right behaviours to fit your organisation or project team.

A range of approaches

Temporary workers

We can provide people to work in a range of temporary positions on an hourly or daily rate. They will be paid by us after you approve their weekly timesheet and we will invoice your organisation at the agreed rate. The worker will either be working through their own limited company (which we will have validated through our due diligence process), or via a PAYE worker contract direct with Kaleidoscope Consultants.

When you contact us with a requirement, we take a detailed brief before consulting our IG consultants. For more senior or complex requirements, the initial conversation may be with a specialist consultant present. We then help you to define precisely the knowledge, skills and experience you need and the consultant can discuss different ways of meeting your organisational requirements, including whether a work package approach might suit you because a range of skills are required. We carry out a search of our database, at the same time as advertising your vacancy on our own web site, networking sites and job boards. Your advert will be circulated via our extensive professional networks within the specialist IG community.

With your permission, we will contact candidates to talk through the job and start to look at their availability. We take considerable effort to ensure that all candidates we present will be available to work within your timescales, at the rate we have agreed and can pass your internal pre-employment checks.

We will work with you to help set up tests, interviews and offer feedback and make offers. We can also carry out pre-employment checks on your behalf, including the Baseline Security Standard and DBS.

Once a candidate is placed they become part of our associate network and gain ongoing support, favourable rates on training, an on-line support community which includes input by experienced consultants, a unique collaborative document library and access to banks of exemplar materials.

Work packages

We can help you design your project as a work package. This can be helpful where you have a project budget and a focus on the delivery of defined outcomes. You still maintain the control of the work and direct it for the organisation, but benefit from having a fixed rate for the job. We will share responsibility for finding a team of candidates who can deliver different activities or stages of work. With this approach, substitution is possible where the scope or of the project or the skills needed changes.

Fixed term and permanent search

When filling specialist fixed-term or permanent posts, we use our expertise to enhance our service to you at every stage.

Once we have your detailed brief on the position, we exploit our detailed knowledge of people in posts around the country, both in health and social care, and the wider IG community, to identify suitable candidates. For strong candidates, we encourage them to apply. We will know all our candidates – and their aspirations and preferences – from our registration process, so we can have a targeted and personal approach.

Meeting your timescale (and depending on your internal processes), we will present you with a short list of candidates. We can set up tests, interviews, venues, offer feedback, and make offers as needed. We can also carry out pre-employment checks, including the Baseline Security Standard and DBS.

We always  stay in close touch with the candidate, to support them through their resignation, and their first few weeks within you, as they adjust to their new work environment.